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Visitor information

The Gustavsberg Porcelain Museum is now closed. The municipality of Värmdö has until spring 2017
 been responsible for the operation of the museum. During the summer of 2017, Nationalmuseum temporary
 took over the operation of the museum. Continuing, Nationalmuseum and the municipality of Värmdö will
 proceed their dialog to find a longterm agreement for the running of the Porcelain museum.


The Gustavsberg Porcelain Museum is a ceramic treasure trove. The permanent exhibition presents the history
of china in an international context and the story of the factory and the society of which it was part.
The temporary exhibitions present important artistic influences and current events.
Learn all about the Gustavsberg works, its role in the community, and the china produced here from 1825
until the factory closed in 1993. The Gustavsberg collection contains more than 40000 pieces, ranging
from studio-made ornaments and display vases to familiar tableware and heritage sanitaryware to enamel
and plastic artefacts. There are also many prototypes of pieces that never went into production.
In 2000 the then owner, the Swedish Cooperative Union (KF), donated the collection to the Swedish State
and Nationalmuseum, which has managed it since that time. The municipality of Värmdö has operating the museum.
Check out the web site for further information regarding the future operation of the porcelain museum.

Public transport

Take the SL bus number 474 from Slussen, which goes 4–5 times an hour. Get off at the “Farstaviken” busstop. The journey takes about 25 minutes.

By car

Take Road 222 towards Gustavsberg, after approximately 20 km take the exit for Gustavsberg and “Värmdö Marknad”. Follow the brown signs for the “Porslinsmuseum”. The car journey from Slussen takes about 20 minutes.


Address: Odelbergs väg 5 B, SE 134 40 Gustavsberg, Sweden

E-mail: info@nationalmuseum.se