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There are many ways – and reasons – to make your way to Gustavsbergs Konsthall.
The address is: Odelbergs väg 9 in the harbour area in Gustavsberg, Värmdö.

By bus

Several buses leave from Slussen in Stockholm City. The bus stop by the gallery is: Farstaviken.
2 minutes walk to the gallery. The fastest connecion is bus no 474. More information: www.sl.seexternal link

By car

Road no 222 heading for Gustavsberg, exit at Värmdö Marknad. Go on towards Gustavsbergs Centrum. Turn left at Hamnen/ The harbour. Parking space close to the gallery. Parking disk is needed.

By bike

From Stockholm to Gustavsberg. Estimated time: 1 hour 45 minutes.

By boat (28 June - 21 August)

Summertime the boat Gustavsberg VII operates the route between Stockholm City and Gustavsberg. Departure Nybrokajen 11 in Stockholm City at 11 am, arrival right at the gallery. Leaves Gustavsberg for Stockholm at 2.30 pm. More information: www.stromma.seexternal link, opens in new window

By private boat

Coordinates: 59°19,45 N 18°22,8 E

The guest harbour, Gustavsbergs Gästhamnexternal link, opens in new window, is located close to the gallery.

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