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Jordkrets poster (detail). Graphic design: Stina Löfgren


Jordkrets is a sculptural exhibition with works of ceramic artist Maya Strandberg, and textile artists Dominika Kemilä and Linn Sofia Lundin, and consists of work inside the art hall, as well as a site spcific work outside the hall.

Jordkrets is exploring our anchorage in the physical world, as well as in life and death. What is the importance of earth when it comes to affiliation – or rootlessness? Can earth offer safety and be a link to times before us, to the ancient and archaic? If “jord” in the title (roughly translated earth/ground) represents all these questions, then “krets” (circle/circuit/sphere) represents times, movement, repetition and infinity.

The exhibition survays a border area between inner and outer landscape. Between centre and periphery. The physical work precedes the final form. The exhibition room is a terrain to walk in to and be a part of, a room that tells us about wordless experiences, memories and dreams.

Jordkrets runs until the 10th of January, 2021.

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