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Works by Inga Tsernova, Maja Bakken, Anna-Kajsa Wikström och Sandra Hiredal. Photo: Inga Tsernova (over left), Helena Perminger (over left, lower right), and Anna-Kajsa Wikström (lower left)

Pop up-exhibition: 4 x Ädellab

The last pop up-exhibition at Gustavsbergs Konsthall shows examination works at bachelor level by four students at Konstfack/Ädellab (University of Arts, Crafs and Design): Maja Bakken, Sandra Hiredal, Kajsa Wikström and Inga Tsernova.

Online opening 28/11 at 14.00 live in our Instagramexternal link. The four artists will be there together with staff from the gallery. And Sissi Westerberg, professor at Konstfack, will present the student projects in a video that will be released at Gustavsbegs Konsthall's Instagram and Facebook after the opening.

Book a tour

The gallery is closed due to the corona pandemic desease. But every Wednesday and Thursday util the 17th of December you can book a tour, between 11.00 and 15.30 for groups maximum 8 persons.

For booking and quistions, e mail to konsthall@varmdo.se .

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