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Summer exhibition: Masters of Craft

Masters of Craft is an graduation exhibition 2020 for the master program CRAFT! at Konstfack, University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. The exhibition runs until September 6, 2020.

CRAFT is an ambiguous term, sometimes contested, sometimes regarded as natural. But the deeper the maker and the viewer penetrates what’s behind the words, the more doors will open.

The graduating students of this year’s master program CRAFT! at Konstfack (University of Arts, Crafts and Design) are incessantly bending, questioning and wrestling; they move borders, explore the interaction of bodies and places with material and skills. And also, the craft’s role in a consumption society– and its challenge of it.

During the two-years master education the students have worked with their projects in different ways; through theory and form, dialogue and opposition, and through investigation of traditions to find their own gaze for material and ideas and a contemporary language that interconnect the past and the future

They have also been challenged to not only look upon the material physically, but to listen in to what the material tells us in order to find the fruitful meeting between material and idea. In each and every of the 21 artist’s works there is a unique story – in some cases emanating from deep personal experiences – that in its physical embodiment tells us something beyond words.

The catalogue CRAFT! 2020 Degree Exhibition with presentations of the artists and their works, and also prefaces by the three professors.

Participating artists: Amanda Elida Varhaugvik, Beata Alfredsson Grahn & Klara Brydewall Sandquist, Caroline Harrius, Emelie Liljebäck, Emilia Sundqvist, Emma Hansen, Eva Skärlund, Jo Andersson, Johan Schalin, Lisa Juntunen Roos, Maja Bäckström, Malin Ida Eriksson, Maria Johansson, Sebastian Hägelstam, Sijia Li, Simone Kuhs, Tina Domeij, Tongxin Gao, Tuva Widén och Åsa Sjödin.

Tutors/professors: Matt Smith (Ceramics and glass), Bella Rune (Textiles) och Anders Ljungberg (Ädellab/Jewellery and corpus).

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