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Opening hours

Attention! Due to the corona crisis, the opening hours for Gustavsbergs Konsthall are temporarily changed. Open Saturdays and Sundays 11.00-16.00.

(Regular opening hours:Tuesday-Sunday 11 am-4 pm. Admission free.
The gallery is wheelchair accessible.

Open & closed holidays 2020

1 January, New Year's Day CLOSED

6 January, Epiphany Day CLOSED

10 April, Good Friday CLOSED

11 April, Easter Eve OPEN

12 April, Easter Sunday OPEN

13 April, Easter Monday CLOSED

1 May, May Day CLOSED

21 May, Ascension Day CLOSED

31 May, Whitsunday OPEN

6 June, The National Day OPEN

19 June, Midsummer's Eve CLOSED

20 June, Midsummer's Day CLOSED

21 June, Midsummer Sunday OPEN

31 October, All Saint's Day OPEN

24 December, Christmas Eve CLOSED

25 December, Christmas Day CLOSED

26 December. Boxing Day CLOSED

31 December, New Year's Eve CLOSED

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