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Från 08 Oct 2011 till och med 08 Jan 2012

David Clarke. ”One day my plinth will come”, 2011 (in foreground).


Participating artists: David Clarke, Tracey Rowledge, Clare Twomey

The three British artists who comprise 60|40 are silversmith David Clarke, bookbinder Tracey Rowledge and ceramicist Clare Twomey. Their joint manifesto challenges traditional craft rules and argues for an expansion of the theoretical and physical contexts of the craft arts. With their joint projects they exploit their respective materials to the uttermost limit, examining how these communicate in contemporary space.

In executing their projects the trio take their starting point in the architectural character of the place with its specific intensity and history. The actual site may be a private apartment or premises that are normally the province of art, in which existing artefacts and interior furnishings correspond with the works that the group installs. Each of their exhibitions thus poses new questions.

This is the first time that 60|40 have jointly presented their work outside the UK. The exhibition at Gustavsbergs Konsthall will include new work as well as site-specific installations or reworkings of earlier projects.

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