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Från 16 Oct 2010 till och med 09 Jan 2011

A moment in time, 2010.


Participating artists: Jakob Robertsson

Jakob Robertsson’s ceramic art has many resonances. Stylistically it is often reminiscent of the direct and forceful imagery of comics but behind this seemingly light-hearted surface there is a deeply serious aspect. Death, Love, Bamse the little bear, those who are vulnerable and lonely – they have all played their parts in Jakob Robertsson’s art. For his exhibition at Gustavsbergs Konsthall, he has been working with a new series of ceramic sculptures.

He comments on the exhibition in his own words: “It is about what is good in life: the events and moments of contentment that act as a sort of blessed release from all that is laborious or dull. It deals with the large and genuine emotions and the positive element in being pathetic…”

Jakob Robertsson has been an active member of the group known as WeWorkInAFragileMaterial for many years and has taken part in numerous exhibitions. A Moment in Time is his first solo exhibition since 2002. His return to the Swedish crafts scene is one that many people have looked forward to.

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