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Från 07 Jun 2008 till och med 14 Sep 2008

Ludvig Löfgren ”Artificialis Crystal Skull” and ”Festong Wunder Kammer”, 2008.


Participating artist: Ludvig Löfgren

Our attitude to death is something that profoundly marks our culture. We illustrate and dramatize death in an effort to understand and come to terms with it. The exhibition L’Île Noire builds on ideas about our theatrical and often romanticized picture of death. Ludvig Löfgren gives expression to a sort of death narrative that refers to the history of our own culture, to vanitas paintings of the 17th century and to the decorated urns of classical antiquity.

By linking the aesthetic of dramatic narrative with that of glass he explores and evaluates his stylistic ideal. The characteristics, inherent possibilities and innate aesthetic of glass are an important foundation of Ludvig Löfgren’s art. His notable skills as a craftsman and the care that he lavishes on the material are evident in his work but they also provide the platform from which he challenges the traditions of glass art.

Ludvig Löfgren joined Kosta Boda as a designer in 2007. He has previously worked as a glassmaker and independent craftsman and has contributed to a number of exhibitions, some of them as one of the nine members of the craft group We Work in a Fragile Material. His exhibition L’Île Noire at Gustavsbergs Konsthall is Ludvig Löfgren’s first solo exhibition.

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