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Från 07 Feb 2009 till och med 10 May 2009

Beverly Semmes' ”On the Lake”.Seen in the background: Ian Hundley ”Blumenhagen” and ”Bierbergen Oedelum Black”.


Participating artists: Jim Drain • Sabrina Gschwandtner • Elana Herzog • Ian Hundley • Beth Lipman • Nava Lubelski • Beverly Semmes

Motion Blur – American Craft is an exhibition of contemporary American crafts. It has been initiated and produced by Gustavsbergs Konsthall with the aim of updating our understanding of American art crafts from a Scandinavian perspective. The exhibition presents items by seven prominent American artists whose work touches upon sculpture, pictorial art, crafts and installations. A common denominator is a strong relationship with handwork at the same time that their approach to different craft traditions oscillates between esteem and lack of respect. We hope that the exhibition will give the Swedish public new experiences and new insights into a dynamic sector of the art field. The title of the exhibition alludes to the accelerating development of craft art and the blurred borders between different forms of art.

Motion Blur – American Craft has been produced in close collaboration with Sabrina Gschwandter in her roles as Artist Consultant and participating artist. Her serious commitment and her profound knowledge of the field have been decisive in the creation of this exhibition.

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