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Från 29 Sep 2007 till och med 06 Jan 2008

Nocturnal dreams, 2007.


Participating artist: Frida Fjellman

Gustavsbergs Konsthall presents Nocturnal Dreams, a site-specific exhibition by Frida Fjellman

In Frida Fjellman’s installations, human culture enters into a symbiosis with nature and its fauna. Nocturnal Dreams can be seen as a materialized scenario from a dream with its frictionless encounters between realism and fantasy. The animals of the night and domestic objects find each other in Frida Fjellman’s naturalistic composition. Owls, beavers, hares and foxes take part in a fable that, for them as well as for anyone who is prepared to listen, are undeniably true.

Frida Fjellman is based in Stockholm. She has had a succession of exhibitions, both solo and with others. Glass and ceramics are her basic materials and her art often involves meetings between these and other craft materials.

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