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Från 20 Feb 2010 till och med 09 May 2010

Off the wall, 2010.


Participating artists: Richard Aldrich • Joel Andrianomearisoa• Johanna Gustafsson Fürst • Jenny Magnusson • Bella Rune

Gustavsbergs Konsthall presents Off the Wall, an exhibition devoted to thoughts about the place of crafts in contemporary art. Most artistic processes involve craft skills in some form or other while the relevance of crafts and materials in interpreting a work of art is coloured by the context.

Off the Wall looks at what happens when there is a shift in the anticipated perspective. Can one, by illuminating material processes, introduce new meanings into the visual arts? Can these, in turn, provide new entries into an understanding crafts? With a background in the discussion of how crafts relate to the visual arts the exhibition investigates how context influences both the discussion and the interpretation of specific works.

Off the wall presents five noted visual artists who are all close to their materials and to material processes in their work. Artist and curator Hans Isaksson is responsible for the selection and has designed the exhibition in close collaboration with Gustavsbergs Konsthall.

A pedagogic project, Transformen, is developed during the exhibition. The project discusses materiality and the meanings of different materials. Visitors are invited to practically and visually comment some of the questions raised in Off the wall.

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