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Från 24 May 2014 till och med 14 Sep 2014

Thread Wrapping Architecture, 2014


Participating artist: Anton Alvarez

Thread Wrapping Architecture is a solo exhibition and performative installation by the internationally regarded designer Anton Alvarez. The project is based on a development of Anton Alvarez’ invention which he calls the Thread Wrapping Machine. In its latest version the machine will be able to produce objects and architectural elements on a monumental scale. Throughout the duration of the exhibition, visitors to the gallery will be able to follow the creation of a large-scale installation made of wood, metal and plastic, and assembled using thousands of metres of yarn.

The exhibition activates new encounters between technology, craft skills, design, architecture and art. It also poses questions about how craft processes can be developed – what happens in the artistic investigatory process and how do alternations between a controlled order and pure chance influence the result?

Anton Alvarez is developing a completely new type of craft, a task that he started working on while studying for a master’s degree at the Royal College of Art in London. He calls his invention the Craft of Thread Wrapping and he describes the technique as “The art of using the tool and of practicing the craft is still at an early stage and is in a state of constant development. By working with my invention I am constantly learning new ways of creating objects using the thread-wrapping technique. I can assemble wood, plastic and metal without using nails, screws or traditional methods of assembly. The object is held together by fine yarn which is covered with glue during the wrapping process. Repeated wrappings create strong, load-bearing joints at the same time that the item being created is covered with a decorative surface of differently coloured yarns”.

The exhibition is produced with support from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Innovativ Kultur.

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