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Från 10 Oct 2009 till och med 10 Jan 2010

WeWorkInAFragileMaterial. ”Det är resultatet som räknas” ("It's the result that counts"), 2009.


Participating artists: Ann Jansson, Bibi Lovell, Britt-Ingrid Persson BIP, Eva Lagerheim, Finn Lynngaard, Gunwor Nordström, Hannah Ryggen, Maria Adlercreutz, Päivi Ernkvist, Sandra Ikse-Bergman, Åsa Brandt, WeWorkInAFragileMaterial.

TUMULT - a dialogue on craft in movement is the product of an extended collaboration involving Gustavsbergs Konsthall, art-historian Christina Zetterlund and the craft group WeWorkInAFragileMaterial. The point of departure for this collaboration was the politically committed crafts scene in Sweden in the years around the 1970s and the exhibition addresses both that period as well as the present day. There are two parallel parts to the exhibition, one contemporary and one historical. Together with an extensive publication these aim to present and analyze the material as well as initiating a dialogue between two generations of craftspeople. The similarities are noted – for example the collective processes and the desire to stimulate change – as are the significant differences. It becomes clear that both represent periods of notable expansion in the range of craft expression – in a mixture of tumult and precision.

The section of the 1960s and 1970s on display in the historical part of the exhibition is represented by various artworks from the period as well as documentary photographs, written materials and catalogues. The exhibition does not claim to illustrate the full complexities of the art scene of the period but sheds light on various aspects of the times, notably in the form of politically committed crafts. It includes a tapestry by Hannah Ryggen, who was an inspirational figure in the 1970s, and there is an installation devoted to gallery-owner Petra (Ebba Konstantia Petterson) who made an important contribution to art crafts over a long period. There is a certain geographical concentration to the presentation of the 1970s with Gothenburg and the Röhsska Museum of Design and Decorative Arts playing a central role.

The large room at the gallery contains a site-specific work entitled It’s the Result that Counts produced by the group WeWorkInAFragileMaterial. The work is constructed as a three-dimensional game board within which the group has acted. The group has used paintball to decorate the work in a violent process that challenges contemporary aestheticization’s understanding of both violence and surface. As with earlier works, the group has developed the installation during a joint working process though within a given structure. In this instance the structure take the form of the gallery itself as rules for a game in which it is the result that counts. This represents process-based crafts taken to their absolute limit.

Can contemporary crafts perhaps open the way to a new reading of history: and vice versa? Gustavsbergs Konsthall welcomes you to find your own answer to this question during a visit to the exhibition – and a perusal of the accompanying publication TUMULT - a dialogue on craft in movement. The book is on sale at the gallery shop.

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