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The iconic silhoulette of the old porcelain factory in Gustavsberg. Photo: Gustavsbergs Konsthall

International seminar FABRIK

We are happy to invite you to the international seminar FABRIK at Gustavsbergs Konsthall, October 3, 2019. The seminar is part of the exhibition FABRIK that will focus on narratives around sites of former craft industries. It is also part of and starting point for the Stockholm Craft Week programme, October 3-6.

Gustavsbergs Konsthall is located in an area that previously housed the famous Gustavsberg porcelain factory. The history of the porcelain factory remains apparent through the artists and craftspeople who currently work in the area, together with the small-scale porcelain manufactory. The participating artists in FABRIK are in different ways exploring memories and meanings of such places. The exhibition and seminar will suggest starting points for thinkingand imagining the past, present and futures of places of deindustrialisation.

Participating artists in the exhibition FABRIK are Inger Andersson, Neil Brownsword, Matt Smith and Rejmyre Art Lab represented by Sissi Westerberg, Daniel Peltz and Unndór Egill Jónsson. The speakers in the seminar FABRIK, October 3rd, include writer and craft theorist Ezra Shales, the exhibition's artists Inger Andersson, Neil Brownsword, Matt Smith and Sissi Westerberg, and also Ulrika Schaeder representing Nationalmuseum and Lisa Wallert representing the studio collectiv "G-studion" in Gustavsberg.

Time: 9:00 – 16:30, Oct 3 2019

Full schedule available here.

Place: Gustavsbergsteatern and Gustavsbergs Konsthall, in Gustavsberg's center respectively the harbour area.

Fee: SEK 200 per person, including lunch and “fika”

Register by sending your name, email and title (optional, for example artist, student, curator)
to fabrik@varmdo.se

Pay via Swish: 123 342 21 51, remember to write names of participants. Organisations and/or groups can also choose invoice payment, let us know in your email. Please notice us if you have any food preferences or allergies.

The day will include two 10 min walks to and from the exhibition. Let us know if you need transportation service (no additional fee).

The FABRIK seminar is also part of the Stockholm Craft Week programme, October 3-6. Read more at: ww.stockholmcraftweek.selänk till annan webbplats

During Stockholm Craft Week many activities will take part in Gustavsberg. Performance by Rita Floyd in the exhibition FABRIK on Saturday and Sunday Oct 5-6, artist talks in the studio collective “G-studion”, outdoor glassblowing for kids and much more.

FABRIK is enabled by Statens Kulturråd / Swedish Art Council.

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