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About Värmdö

Värmdö is Stockholm’s archipelago, stretching from the inner archipelago to outlying islands and rocks.

In Värmdö there are more islands, islets and skerries than anywhere else in Sweden. This, together with the fact that central Stockholm is only 20 minutes away by public transport, is the reason many people choose to move here. Värmdö municipality has had the highest percentage growth in Sweden over the past 30 years. 

This growth has led to exciting and unique living environments. At the moment, the historical industry areas in Gustavsberg, Värmdö’s central locality, are being created. A total of approximately 2,300 new homes will be built over the years up to 2025.

Some 39,000 people live in Värmdö today but the population is expected to increase by approximately 10,000 during the next 15 years. In the summer, the number of residents increases to about 100,000 as people with summer houses and tourists arrive.

The museum of porcelain in Gustavsberg

The museum of porcelain is located in the harbor of Gustavsberg. Learn about the history of Gustavsbergs famous china factory and how to make and paint porcelain.

Getting to Värmdö

You reach Värmdö easily by car, bus or boat. From Stockholm City, road 222 will take you to Värmdö. The road ends at Stavsnäs Vinterhamn, Värmdö’s biggest hub for boat traffic. If you come from Vaxholm, the car ferry takes you to Stenslätten on the north-east side of Värmdö.

Buses to Värmdö leave from Slussen in Stockholm; the route numbers begin with 4. Buses will take you to most places that can be reached by road. 

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