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Education and pre-school

Here you can find information about child care and education in Värmdö.


Värmdö offers pre-school activities for all children aged between 1 and 6 to the extent needed taking the parents’ work situation, studies or the child’s own needs into consideration. School-age child care is intended for children up to the age of 12 who are attending school (pre-school class, compulsory school or special needs school). The municipality provides school-age child care for children whose parents are working or studying or when the child needs such activities.

Pre-school class is a voluntary type of education for children the year they turn 6. Teaching in pre-school class is done in the municipality’s compulsory schools.


Applications for child care can be made on the municipality’s web-site. It is also possible to contact the municipality by e-mail or telephone.

Compulsory school

Värmdö has thirteen municipal and four independent compulsory schools. If places are available, parents of children aged between 6 and 15 can choose which compulsory school the child will go to.

Compulsory school is obligatory for all children between the ages of 7 and 16. Compulsory school education gives all pupils the knowledge and skills they need to take part in social life and a basis for further education. Children with learning difficulties are given special support. Education is free but a small fee may be charged for some activities. The content of the education is determined by a curriculum and syllabuses in the different subjects. Individual development plans with written assessments are to be given in all years and grades from year 6.

Upper secondary school

All young people in Sweden who have completed their compulsory education are entitled to a three-year upper secondary education programme. Upper secondary education provides a foundation for working life, higher education, personal development and active participation in society. At upper secondary school you can choose from 18 different programmes, all of which are three-year programmes. 

Mother tongue tuition

Mother tongue tuition at compulsory school is intended to give pupils with at least one parent or guardian with a different native tongue than Swedish and adopted children possibilities to develop their knowledge of their native tongue together with other pupils.

If you have questions about mother tongue tuition in Värmdö, please contact Linda Grönlund on 070-4130426  linda.gronlund@varmdo.se

Evaluation of qualifications

For help on how to evaluate education in Sweden, contact  Vuxenutbildningsenheten. 
Telephone, Vuxenutbildningsenheten's office: 08-570 483 31 
Telephone hours: Monday to Friday, 8 - 11.30 am

E-mail: vuxenutbildningen@varmdo.se

The Swedish National Agency for Education External link, opens in new window.

studera.nu External link, opens in new window.

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