The situation in Ukraine

Värmdö municipality follows the situation closely and works together with other authorities and municipalities. Read more about our work, about how you can help or get support in case of anxiety.

Värmdö preparedness and reception

In the Temporary Protection Directive, the municipalities have a great responsibility when it comes to refugees. Värmdö municipality is deeply involved and has strengthened its resources to fulfil its part of the reception responsibility.

More about preparedness and refugee reception

For persons arriving from Ukraine

Information for persons coming to Sweden from Ukraine - the Migration Agency External link, opens in new window.

The security situation in Sweden

The Swedish Armed Forces assesses that the risk of an armed attack on Sweden is low in the short term, but are prepared to take various measures depending on the current situation. Also the Swedish Security Service does not see any changed picture of the security threat in Sweden in the short term. On the other hand, Sweden and Värmdö municipality may be affected in other ways and by other threats, for example through advocacy campaigns, sabotage, discrediting of important people or cyber attacks.